I really love to ride, there’s no doubt about it.

And these past few weeks, my relationship with my Specialized Ruby bike has been very intense as I took part in LA2DC riding several legs in a cross country ride from Los Angeles to Washington DC, to raise genocide awareness.

IMG_0955With care, I mounted the Ruby on the top of my car earlier this month as my step daughter, Elisse, and I drove to New Mexico to join the group several days into the ride.


IMG_0974 (1)As we rode into Kansas, Ruby had carried me more than a hundred miles that day and stood proudly in the middle of our group.

After the ride was complete, she was boxed and shipped to my home. When we realized what it took to put her back together, my husband and I took her out to Wheatridge Cyclery where the service department quickly had her back in one piece.

Putting her back on the top of my car we drove home, chatting about the ride we were about to take.  Until we completely forgot that she was on top of the car and we drove into the garage. I won’t forget the sound of carbon frame being crushed by said garage.

IMG_1064Suddenly, Ruby was no more.  It’s hard to put into words how painful it was to see her in pieces.

So we took the broken Ruby back to Wheatridge, where we were told we might get help with the Specialized Crash Replacement program.  You can actually go on their website and find this:

At Specialized, we understand that accidents happen and things get damaged; this program is to help our customers get back on Specialized products when accidents occur.550


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.31.23 PMToday, Kevin, who works at Wheatridge Cyclery for Specialized called to tell me that Specialized would cover a portion of the cost of my new Ruby. I picked out my new bike and it should arrive in a few days.

My disappointment over the last few days has turned into sheer elation. And the way I feel about Specialized is off the charts.

This is how a company makes a difference for its customers.  I really loved my Ruby, no question, but now that Specialized is making this kind of financial contribution toward my new Ruby,  I won’t be taking my business elsewhere.  Ever.