As I delve into writing and self-publishing I want to bring you all in on how I’m putting this book together so here is the synopsis for Hybrid.


When Lois Melkonian turned nine she told people she was from Indiana because after immigrating to the United States her third grade teacher pointed out India was not on the map of the 50 states of the United States of America.


It really was much easier. After all her Armenian father born in Cyprus and educated in the US was in India when he met her Danish mother born in Denmark who also studied in the US then decided to go to India to teach in a boarding school. When they married in India, with evangelical faith and the English language their only common threads, they became the first in both their families to marry outside their Armenian and Danish ancestry.


Lois’s family would move to Lebanon and then have to evacuate because of the 6-day war, never to return. When they immigrated to the US, they eventually moved to California with no close family nearby. Lois and her siblings adopted all the traits of their American friends and only if people heard the accents of either parent did they have any clue they were not just like them.


When she plots out the unlikely paths her father’s parents carved to produce her dad, both escaping with their lives as the Armenian Genocide claimed many of their family, or how her mother’s parents took huge risks with eight children by hiding Jews in their flat during the Nazi invasion in World War Two, Lois realizes her upbringing is extremely unusual. Survival is one thing but post-traumatic growth, PTG, the phenomenon of people creating a more meaningful life following staggering tragedy or trauma, may explain how her family roots equip her to face hardship with a deeper appreciation for life.


Hybrid is a self-deprecating and poignant memoir about an Armenian-Danish girl who really did believe the American dream and became an award-winning anchor and reporter on radio and television stations around the country. The mother of three sons, Lois unravels the rest of her personal life then resigns from her position to move her mother and father with Alzheimer’s into the basement of a home with her new husband where she creates a fabulous side-yard garden growing among other edibles, hybrid Sungold tomatoes. Go figure.


Tomorrow, I’ll release the second video diary installment of my ‘Hybrid’ journey.  Stay tuned!