Sometimes, it takes a bit of space to realize that unexpected events in your life push you to where you wind up right now!  Last year at this time, I was living in Houston, TX…

…right across the street from two of the best neighbors in the world.


My friends Sylvia and Jan propped me up while I lived far away from my fiance,Art, at the time.

Every Thursday evening, we would celebrate white trash wine night in Jan and Roger’s driveway, sometimes Art would show up from Denver!

We would all talk about our dreams and ideas for the present and the future, and connect deeply and trivially on whatever was going on in our lives.  Angels with Shoes was born in Houston, with the encouragement of these amazing friends who’ve invited me back to visit, on the condition I join them as a white trash witch for Halloween in 2013, offering to pick me up on a broom.  Seriously!  If you ever go to Houston, these friends would take you out for a drink, a drive, a swim, a horseback ride, in a heartbeat.  Sylvia and Jan and Roger, I love y’all more than you know, I think of you often, and always with a smile or outright laugh!