So here’s what I’m tackling in week two for Hybrid, my memoir about the collision of cultures that shapes my story.

I released my synopsis online this week, which you can still read and share. In fact, a big thank to all who have shared and don’t stop sharing!

My chapter headings are in place, kind of, at least giving me placeholders to work through. And they’ll fall under my four themes, answering the questions who am I? How did I get here? What do I love to do? And how do I tell my story?

I’m working with a graphic artist and mulling over ideas for a book cover design.

I see hybrid in everything I do. Like here in my garden, where my aunt Marie suggested I plant Sungold hybrid cherry tomatoes. They’re easy to grow, have an amazing flavor with a hint of sweetness, and they show off with an exquisite persimmon-orange color. We’ll see…

My Hybrid journey week 2.  I’ll be back next week. Don’t forget to share.

Now the writing begins, how exciting!