This week’s Hybrid journey is all about the self-publishing process for both paperback and ebook formats…one that I find really fascinating, time consuming, and the best comparison I have is it’s kind of like sewing. You have to be willing to start over and tear things out again and again without getting too frustrated. It’s what the uploading process is all about and what the product looks like…odd pages even pages, headers, footers…

And so far, so good. The edits are complete I agreed and included photos and maps, I have the page count and picked the book size…now my brilliant designer is completing the book cover with the back…and then we’ll be all set.

From here I’ll move on to distribution, price, how many print books to order…again, lots of fun.

I’m so grateful that I’ve chronicled this journey from day one…and here we are in the self-publishing phase. What’s next? Hybrid’s book launch. Please save the date: November 27th in Denver.

My Hybrid journey week 20.

I’ll keep you posted!