After 21 weeks, my Hybrid journey is over. The book is out of my hands and I am filled with a sense of relief and completion.

I never intended to write this book and I’m so glad I have. Maybe the journey I’ve been on will inspire you to dig into your own story, whether or not you choose to write about that story.

I do believe that every story matters. Unraveling, understanding, coming to grips with and owning your story makes all the difference in the world. That’s what I’ve tried to accomplish with Hybrid.

If you’re in Denver over the Thanksgiving holiday…please stop by PostModern Company on Friday November 27th from 5-7 pm as I introduce my new book: Hybrid: the transformation of a cross-cultural people pleaser. You’ll get to taste a variety of the foods I grew up with, from samosas, to hummus, to real Danish pastry, to barbecued wings…along with Hybrid wine, Colorado beer and much more. I’ll post all the details on social media.

And if you choose to buy a book on that evening 100% of the proceeds will go to two groups I support: on the local level, Excelsior Youth Center and a group with international focus, Let Girls Lead. What a way to celebrate Black Friday!

My Hybrid journey week 21.

Thanks for participating in this venture…in the weeks to come I’m sure there will be new journeys to take.