In this next section of Hybrid, I’m exploring the question ‘how did I get here?’ by looking at my upbringing in India, Lebanon and Denmark.

When my parents decided to relocate to the United States I lost something without any notice. I don’t remember when I forgot how to say my name or count or write in Armenian or Arabic. I don’t recall when I couldn’t respond in Danish.   My parents only spoke English to each other and that’s what we all spoke together as a family. That means the languages, which had been such an enormous part of my early education and life, simply disappeared.

When we moved to the U-S I just wanted to fit in, and it didn’t take long to realize how different our family was from the families around us.

I describe going to a neighbor’s house and being surprised that I didn’t smell any food cooking when I arrived. After playing with my friends we were called to come for dinner, not at the dining table but in the living room where there were three very small tables in front of the sofa. We would eat our food out of partitioned foil trays and watch television while eating. It was the first time in my life…at the age of 8 or 9…that I remembered eating a meal that required no preparation. I was totally blown away.

My Hybrid journey week 10.