This week’s Hybrid Journey took me back to my reporting in Bosnia, where one 24-hour period of time would change the course of my life for years. It was in Sarajevo that I met Sanja, who would come to study in the US, stay with our family and remain part of my life for more than 20 years now.

As I reflected on that overnight stopover with her and her mother just after the Dayton Peace Accord was signed, I was struck by why the two of them chose to remain in Sarajevo, even as daily bombings and sniper fire devastated their city for more than three years.

I remember Jasna taking me by the hand and walking me to their china cabinet. Translated by her daughter she told me, “from my mother’s mother.”

Pulling out her silverware, “from my husband’s mother.”

Gripping her dining table, “this was handed down for generations in my family.”

While many burned their furniture to keep warm they refused because they believed in a future where they would once again enjoy these beautiful pieces.

They chose to stay put in their apartment with each other and with their belongings. My biggest detours in life have occurred when I refused to sit still and ran for change. Sometimes we do need change, and sometimes we need to stay put.

My Hybrid journey week 16.