I’m writing Hybrid because I believe every story matters, including mine. This book about the collision of my parent’s cultures resulting in my upbringing as a third culture kid is divided into four parts. I completed the first part this week, ‘who am I?’

While I certainly have a lifetime to totally know the answer, researching the backgrounds of my parents is shining quite the light on me. They are exactly who they are because of what they chose to embrace from those who came before them. And they never shied away from themselves.

My father was a rebel and my mother was an adventurer. My dad did not rebel against what he perceived to be wrong, he rebelled from the life that was laid out for him in Cyprus and chose his own path no matter what anyone around him thought or said. My mother would travel to England and study in the United States before sailing for India. Quite unheard of in the 1950s for a single woman, from Denmark no less.

It’s no secret I had a hard time with my parents’ strong beliefs on many occasions because I deemed them unmovable, without compassion. But my view is broadening as I focus on why they made their choices and how they were so perfect for each other.

I also know why choosing my own path and leaping without a net shouldn’t have come as a big surprise. Just following in their footsteps.

My Hybrid journey week 7.