The great part about turning Hybrid over to editor Kristen Kidd is that now I’m reading it with her eyes. My voice remains…but as an editor she is prodding, cleaning up and encouraging to me to step farther into my story. Will I say more, add maps and photos? We’ll see.

I feel somehow free because the words are now not just words in a series of stories I’ve been scrutinizing for months…they’ve been released.

And from this vantage point, the Hybrid journey I’ve been on is much clearer. I consider the linear pattern I laid out for the book, how much I learned from the lives of my grandparents and parents and how I grew up. Not only chronologically but emotionally,to arrive at where I am now.

I also had to hone in on a second line for the title and here it is, with a little help from my sister Ruth.

Hybrid: The transformation of a cross-cultural people pleaser.

My Hybrid journey week 19.