It’s hard to feel you’re moving forward when you don’t have the chance to write for an entire week. That’s what happened on my hybrid journey week 9 as the Melkonian family had its reunion…something we do every other summer. Because we space it out, everyone shows up:   that includes six kids, spouses, 15 grandchildren, my mother and my aunt. What a hybrid gathering!

In moments like this when there’s conversation and laughter and recreation and food, lots of food I know I’m fortunate to belong to such a special family.

But our clan is like most others, with its share of difficulty as well. We chose this time together to bury the remains of my father who died last August after a battle with Alzheimer’s. Hybrid isn’t about sugarcoating our family history.

My father would never be described as an easy person, but in his last years the Alzheimer’s softened his outer persona…removing the ability to maintain staunch positions that isolated many of us. Each person at this family tribute has their own feelings about my father and they chose to be present even with those emotions.

I’m reminded of the legacy I will one day leave, and I do wonder what those closest to me will remember.

Now, back to writing.

My Hybrid journey week 9.