This week has seen the launch of the creative juices behind what will soon be the book design cover for Hybrid.  I’ve been going through a myriad of ideas, color palettes and documents and I’ve been pointed in a direction that I’ll soon be sharing with you.

And you know what, I needed that visual inspiration.

When you take a leap, you often find a million reasons to jump back to that safe place. So this week has been one of those come-to-Lois weeks where I had to remind myself that I am where I am supposed to be.

It’s been good to have this revelation because a series of hailstorms and a nearby tornado, no kidding, took a toll on our garden and our window screens. Thankfully everyone is totally fine and we had no major damage.

Yes, I feel a bit shaken but this is the time to write Hybrid.

Yes, there are far more accomplished writers out there but they don’t have my story.

And yes, I do believe that every story matters, even mine. And once I tell mine, maybe you’ll take a leap and tell yours.

My Hybrid journey week 4.

Thanks for joining me.