When you’re involved in the creative process, you can see something in your mind’s eye and wonder if that will ever become reality.  I’m not a designer, so I brought in the talents of someone who is.  She took hold of those ideas that lived in my head and brought an image to life.

I am so thrilled with the book cover design that Carly Dutch-Greene completed this week. From the ombre background, the map, the hue of blue, the font, the title box … the result speaks to me.  It is Hybrid.

This week I started writing my story beginning with the limited recollections I have from my early childhood in India and Lebanon.  I’ve discovered how fortunate I am to have been surrounded by people who have filled in details for me throughout my life.  There’s a wonderful school of thought that children who grow up with highly elaborative mothers who talk about their past in narratives and stories are able to recall more early memories.  And as I tapped into my early memories it dawned on me that I am unable to distinguish which ones are totally mine, and which ones come from stories I was told.

Either way, I remember.

And I’m encouraged even now to continue to share stories with my own kids, so they too will remember.

My Hybrid journey week 8.