Writing every week on my Hybrid Journey has been an illuminating experience. Early on, detailing my grandparents’, parents’ and my childhood stories were events I enjoyed researching, remembering, sharing and re-living.

Now I’m getting to the point in my life where my journey isn’t so heart-warming. As I did not grow in my understanding of the core of my discontent, I’m writing about that period of time when I chose to let busy-ness, three kids and a demanding job identify my life…leaving my first marriage in a bad state.

While I don’t wallow wishing I could re-do the events of my life, I also am very aware that I could have handled things better.

Throughout this journey I’ve chosen which stories I want to include as part of Hybrid. Now I’m deliberately deciding which stories will remain only in my memory.

I am gleaning an important truth throughout this process: while the clash of cultures I grew up with may not have equipped me with the tools to handle all the things I had to face, it did inspire me return to my roots.

My Hybrid journey week 15.