When you take a vacation, as I am doing this week with my husband in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there’s this notion that you’re taking a break from the real world. Until it smacks you…again.

On my Hybrid journey week 12, I set to clear my head with a bike ride to Madrid. But halfway there my husband and I were stopped by a police officer who told us to turn around because of a police involved action just up ahead. The next morning we opened the paper and read the headline: “Police chase ends in gunfire, driver killed.”


That’s why we couldn’t get through. That prompted us to log on to our news-feeds where we found out about the young television reporter and her cameraman killed during a live-shot in Virginia earlier that morning.

As I put on the green fluorescent socks for our ride to Madrid, which I now wear to honor the joyful memory of Bo Juzkiw, who died earlier this month when he crashed ahead of me on a descent during the Red Rocks Century, I spent the hours climbing and descending thankful for every moment of life.

Hybrid is about how I grew up in a collision of cultures where faith was the tie that bound my parents together. The faith I acquired at a very early age has been tested…yet remains the reason I push on…in spite of tragedy all around me. I am not alone.

My Hybrid journey week 12.