For the past 30 plus years, I’ve been telling stories about people. And I’ve loved pretty much every minute because I’m so passionate about giving a voice to people who haven’t told their stories, on radio, in television, in print.

Here on this website I am emphatic that every story matters. Well now I am ready to add my story to the mix by joining the ranks of nonfiction book writers.

Seriously…with the working title: Hybrid.

So why am I telling you this? Because I’m taking this journey of writing my book to social media in the form of a video diary, like the one that’s on this post, and I need your help to share my journey with everyone you know.

Do it anywhere you like, just please share, because my son, Oliver tells me that’s the way I’ll get traction. And followers.

My goal is to post a new story and video every week about how I’m writing this book…from the concept, to the interviews, to the design, to how to self publish.

If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, I’m hoping this will help you on your path, or save you some time as I’m sure I’ll hit hurdles you’ll want to avoid.

You can follow my Hybrid journey right here, on my YouTube channel, or on my facebook page.

Why the title Hybrid?

My husband, Art, actually came up with that word as he helped me trudge through how to identify my half-breed, cross-culture, third culture, odar and mixed up heritage I proudly possess.

Hybrid is the story of how my Armenian father from Cyprus and my Danish mother from Denmark met and married in India. What a clash of culture, language, heritage, just about everything. What they had in common? Their faith, their understanding of the English language, and a bravado to be the first in both their families to marry outside of their Armenian and Danish roots.

From there they would move their growing family from India to Lebanon to Denmark and eventually to the US, where we became naturalized citizens in the early 1970s. When I first realized how different my family was from all those around me, I started to create…ok I lied about my background. It was easier to tell people my real parents were circus performers who had dumped me with this very large family to help care for all these children, my four brothers and a sister, than to explain where I was really from.

Now, the deeper I dig into my family’s story, the more I understand why I am who I am. Full of quirks and passion and mistakes and control and loyalty and dependency issues.

Hybrid works on so many fronts.

There’s a term for kids whose parents are of one culture but they’re raised in another: third culture kids. Not sure what I am with each parent of a different culture and being raised in a culture that doesn’t belong to either of them.


So I hope you’ll follow along as I keep this video diary of my writing and self-publishing journey. I also hope you’ll share this with your friends on whatever platform works. I’ll do my best to make every piece compelling and real so that you won’t want to miss it.

My Hybrid journey begins now.