Every year at this time, there’s an air of excitement in our household…maybe it’s just in my mind, though.

You see, I’m the mother of three sons, the youngest preparing to graduate from high school, and all three play basketball.  My husband is a college basketball nut and couch coach. Really.  I’ve always wanted to feel like I’m part of the hoopla surrounding March Madness, and the best way to do that is to put together my bracket.  Also, since this will dominate what we watch for the next three weeks, might as well just join them, right?

It’s true, none of them seem to care or comment about the NCAA Tournament Bracket I somehow manage to configure…and if I dare to do better than any of them along the way, it’s “pure luck, mom, that’s all.”  True dat, what else could it be?  I do check on each team’s record to date, and try to seize on which ones are exceptionally hot at the moment, but in the end, there is some pretty wild guessing on my part.  No, I’m not like one of my colleagues, a sports announcer no less, who picks his teams based on the mascots…even though I’m tempted to do that one year.

So, I’ll be at it this morning, selecting my picks, and bookmarking my choices so I can check them several times a day as the tournament progresses.

In case you haven’t done so, here’s  a 2013 Printable NCAA Bracket, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.2013-selection-sunday-ncaa-tournamentIf I’m brave, maybe I’ll post my bracket at some point.  Or not.