Hybrid:  The transformation of a cross-cultural people pleaser 

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Hybrid is a self-deprecating and poignant memoir about an Armenian-Danish girl who grew up searching for her identity. Raised in a clash of cultures, I tried to be like everyone around me. Initially motivated by fear I progressed to people pleasing that crept into control, until I unraveled. When I finally embraced my hybrid history, lived out the faith I never let go of, and engaged in relationships with truth, I began to understand why I am who I am, and I’m still working on it.

This book takes you through the story of my life as the child of missionary parents from Denmark and Cyprus who met and married in India where I was born, the move to Lebanon where I learned to speak Arabic and Armenian before war sent our family to live in Denmark, followed by a move to Colorado and California.






My ‘hybrid’ journey week two

So here’s what I’m tackling in week two for Hybrid, my memoir about the collision of cultures that shapes my story. I released my synopsis online this week, which you can still read and share. In fact, a big thank to all who...