Every story matters.

How telling yours changes everything.

A blog about people who rock their world.

We share stories every day and those who tell the best stories get our attention. You know what I mean.  It all began with my mother calming me down at the end of the day with a bed time story when I was a child.  She created stories based on some sort of truth that allowed my imagination to wander and hunger for more.  No wonder it was so easy for me tell other people’s stories throughout my professional life.  In the last few years I’ve become comfortable sharing my own stories and you’ll find many of those on this blog as well. And once I decided I could tell my stories, the world opened up for me like never before.



I believe that telling your story allows you to influence others on a much deeper level because when your audience knows who you are, that’s where engagement and connection takes place. Whether you’re sharing a personal story of despair or triumph, working on justice issues in your community or around the world, marketing a product whose story moves someone to want to make a purchase, dealing with recovery and trying to get a grip on your own story or finding that hook for potential buyers who will relate to the story your business, story matters. Sharing my stories is freeing a part of me I always kept under wraps.  It’s a life changer.


Every story matters.

Who am I?

How did I get here?

What do I love to do?

How do I tell my story?

Rock your world

Your experience, your work, your product is changing the way people engage with each other.  Share how you got to this place and where you want to take it from here!

Improve customer service

When you make a difference in someone’s life because you listen to their concern and respond, you will have a customer for life. And when they tell your story for you, that’s gold.

Increase sales

Using a story to sell a product works so much better than reciting a list of facts and figures.  If I can relate to your story I’ll be more likely to listen.  If I listen, well you know the result.

Feel better

From a psychological standpoint you will feel better.  Writing about people and events that matter to you impacts your wellbeing even months after you tell the story.