Being a mother encompasses so much, and when your son or daughter faces challenges, it’s difficult not to hear those challenges and want to do something about them.  Many times, all we can do is listen, be supportive, offer encouragement and wait to see what happens.

As the East High School Varsity team continues in the 5A State Basketball Championships, Oliver Zettas will be among those on the team.  He’s been playing with the team all year…you may remember the buzzer beater I posted earlier this season…but as it came down to the roster for the playoff team, the number of players had to be cut.  The coaches had a very tough decision, with eight seniors in their lineup.  Last week, Coach Rudy Carey told us that because Oliver moved with me to Houston, TX last year, and the remaining seven seniors played all four years at East, he would likely not get to play for the remainder of the playoffs.  That news wasn’t easy to hear, as you might imagine.  The weekend was filled with questions and disappointment for what could have been.

Then we got another call yesterday.  Coach Carey had also told us that an injury to a player or a player who was ineligible due to grades could change his decision.  As it turns out, Oliver is going to be playing with the team for the rest of the playoffs.

Sometimes, we get what we dream about only after we are faced with a door closing.  At times that door stays closed.  This time, it opened. Go Angels!!